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Rights & Permissions

Visit our rights centre for information on enquiring about subsidiary rights or to request permission to reprint copyrighted work.

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Privacy Policy

At Schiel & Denver, we are aware of our responsibility to protect your privacy, and we take the issue seriously.

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Librarians & Educators

Public & College Libraries

At Schiel & Denver, we understand that libraries are a vital part of every community and we are committed to supporting the work that librarians do. From the Richard & Judy Book Club, to local reading groups, reader reviews and monthly newsletters, we aim to enrich the library reading experience. If you are interested in inviting a Schiel & Denver author to visit your institution, please follow The Schiel & Denver Book Group's official author booking procedures which are laid out below. Allow approximately fifteen days for us to respond to your request.

Childrens' and Young Adult Libraries

From nursery playgroups to primary school through secondary school education and teenage reading opportunities, The Schiel & Denver Book Group publishes engaging titles for every age with a longstanding commitment to Childrens' literary festival; the National Children's Reading Foundation in the U.S.; and in the UK, National Year of Reading.

Guidelines for booking Schiel & Denver Book Group authors

  • We only consider well-organized events for our authors, therefore, plan as far in advance as possible; six months advance notice with a formal proposal in writing is reasonable;
  • When requesting private Schiel & Denver Book Group authors who are Crown & High Court Judges (particularly of the Chancery Division, the Queen's Bench and the Family Division); please be advised that their busy judicial schedules prevent them from appearing at most local events. Consider first novelists, mid-list, genre and backlist authors, to increase chances of a successful booking;
  • When putting the request formally in writing, give all known details: including name of the sponsoring organization or institution, location of event, date, time, anticipated size/age/make-up of audience, and name of contact person;
  • Be explicit in stating the exact nature of the proposed event and the proposed extent of author's participation: book and author lunch/breakfast/dinner, lecture, college classes, conference address/panel. Include useful details such as the length of the presentation, question and answer period from the floor, and state if the event you propose is themed to an author's particular topic;
  • Be up-front and explicit about expenses you can and cannot cover, including, without limitation; speaker's fees, transportation, hotel and dinner costs. You may apply to take advantage of The Schiel & Denver Book Group's prestigious author tours where at least some of these costs are covered;
  • If your institution is planning an autographing opportunity or wishes to sell books, please state who will handle this specific activity: the name and position of the co-ordinator. You may contact The Schiel & Denver Book Group in advance to purchase a minimum of fifty copies for author booksigning events in this specific instance;
  • Note that we cannot give any guarantees the author will say "yes", but we will convey your request and proposed agreements with a positive follow through letter. All correspondence must be in writing to prevent any ambiguity or misinterpretations.
  • Make the trip as worthwhile as possible from our authors' point of view: educate your proposed audience in advance with flyers, booklists etc, with The Schiel & Denver Book Group's proper branding.
  • After your successful event, follow-up with a thank you letter and report to the author. You may put your initial enquiries in writing to:

The Schiel & Denver Book Group
Marketing & Corporate Communications Department
PO BOX 6300
London W1A 2ES
Great Britain